Manufacturing  of Gemstone

“Manufacturing  of Gemstone”

Require 4 steps as follows

1.Analysing the rough  – This is the first step after we receive the rough.  It requires both art and science knowledges.   From the rough , it need the expertise from the professional how to slice and cut the rough.  Whether to go for the bigger size or dividing into smaller stones.

2.Marking the rough – It is the processs that we determine where is the face of the gemstone.  From this process we determine how to cut the stone, how big the stone should be.

3.Preforming the rough – This is the intermediate process between marking and cutting polishing.  We determine the form and the make of the stone in this process.

4.Cutting & Polishing  – This is the last steps in manufacturing.  The rough after performing is going for cutting & polishing.  It is faceting process.  It requires the expertise of the cutter to acquire the most proper color and brilliancy from the stone.