Blue sapphire

Blue sapphire is one of corundum with its blue color. Blue sapphire is considered one of the four precious stones, together with ruby, yellow sapphire and pink sapphire. Its blue color originated from Iron and Titanium . It is believed that the wearer will have a bright life and enforce the power of life. Sapphire can protect those who wear them from danger. Sapphire is also believed as a symbol of sincerity and stability. Sapphire habe been very popular from the past to the present days.

Property of Blue Sapphire

Chemical composition : Al2O3, Aluminium oxide

Crystal system : Trigonal

Refractive index (RI) : 1.76-1.77

Specific gravity (SG) : 3.80-4.05

Birefringence : 0.008-0.012

Optical nature : (DR) uniaxial

Luster : Vitreous

Hardness : 9

Colour : Blue (Its blue color originated from Iron and Titanium.)

Localities : Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Madagascar, Australia, Tanzania, India, China and America.

Blue sapphires are most often found with inclusions inside. Sapphires with less inclusion has more price. The clarity of the sapphire plays important role on the price of blue sapphire. Importantly, purchasers should be aware of confusion between real blue sapphire and other blue gems such as tanzanite, blue zircon, blue spinel,blue kyanite and aquamarine etc. Also be careful of synthetic blue sapphire which can be observed the inclusions in the gemstone from the professional gem dealers. It requires the expertise to differentiate between natural and synthetic blue sapphire. Therefore, it is important that purchasers should buy blue sapphire from the trusted sources.

Picture : Faceted cut and Cabochon blue sapphire.


Blue sapphire quality improvement is normally processed by heat treatment in order to make its color more attactive which is worldwide acceptable in the market.

Picture : Rough Blue Sapphire