Pink sapphire

Pink sapphire is one of corundum with its pink color. Pink sapphire is considered one of the four precious stones, together with ruby yellow sapphire and blue sapphire. Its pink color originated from Chromium as the same with ruby. Pink Sapphires should have a clear bright pink color. Pink Sapphires also considered one of the high prices and very popular among those who like pink colorstones.

Property of Pink Sapphire

Chemical composition : Al2O3, Aluminium oxide

Crystal system : Trigonal

Refractive index (RI) : 1.76-1.77

Specific gravity (SG) : 3.80-4.05

Birefringence : 0.008-0.010

Optical nature : (DR) uniaxial

Luster : Vitreous

Hardness : 9

Colour : Pink, very pale baby pink, vivid, almost magenta, intense pink

Localities : Thailand, Burma, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Many places in Africa

Pink sapphire are most often found the inclusions inside only in the corundum. Pink sapphire with less inclusions are often polished into faceted gemstones. Importantly, purchasers should be aware of confusion between real pink sapphire and other pink gems such as rubellite, pink topaz and pink spinel.

Picture : mixed cut


Pink sapphire quality improvement enables to be done by heat treatment for its explicit color, sparkling and shining characteristics.

Picture : Rough Pink Sapphire